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The worst start to our perfect season

A new season, a new start and such positivity having won each pre season game, what could possibly go wrong?

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Arsenal vs Liverpool - Premier League - 4th April 2014

It's been a while since I blogged on a game, it's been a while since I blogged on anything seriously. As I was at todays game it seems like this is a suitable place to resume.

Pre game

I think today was my first ever early kick off, may be wrong there but I can't remember pulling myself out of bed at 9am on a Saturday before. Quite the change really but I had my toast and set off on my travels to the ground. For an Easter bank holiday it wasn't too bad and myself and a friend arrived at the ground with plenty of time to spare. Made our way for a pre match hot dog and beer but ended up with a sausage roll as they had no hot dogs, what's that about? What made it worse was the people in front who ordered and were served hot dogs, okay. Anyway settled for sausage roll as too lazy to walk 20 foot to the other counter. My friend pointed out someone on his Twitter had tweeted about a fire close to the ground, I told him not to worry as that's just where they were heating up the sausage rolls. Seriously though, how do you heat food to that temperature? After waiting 40 minutes for that to cool down we had a look at the team lineups, decent and couldn't have done much better myself on the Arsenal side. Usually in the big games there's some sort of random surprise like Wellbeck starts over Giroud but thankfully today we opted for pretty much the strongest XI from the get go.

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Theo Walcott or Raheem Sterling?

It's fair to say Theo Walcott hasn't had the best season at Arsenal, once again he's faced long spells on the sideline and this is possibly the first time he's really failed to have an impact on the squad when he's returned.

Has Theo passed his best? It's well known he's one of the fastest wingers in the Premier League and at times that's really honestly been his greatest asset. For years he's been telling us he wants his chance up top, that's never going to happen at Arsenal with the likes of Giroud, Wellbeck and Sanchez all way ahead of him. At the moment it's hard to justify starting him before The Ox!

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Arsenal Pessimism

I see huge amounts of Arsenal pessimism at the moment, Twitter is constantly full of it and I've even had to unfollow someone today because their pessimism turned into raving lunacy.

Here's two examples of Arsenal pessimism that's gone viral in the last week, both raising some very interesting points whilst demonstrating our supporters extreme passion for the club.

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Transfer Rumours - Gustavo

There is large speculation in the media at the moment that Arsenal are very close to signing Brazilian international Luiz Gustavo from Bayern Munch.

The fee is rumoured to be around the £14m mark and it would seem that just personal terms are left to agree before the move can be finalised.

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Arsenal Transfer Rumours 2013/2014

Like most Gunners I don't know why we haven't signed anyone yet, I also don't know when we will sign someone but I can say with some certainty that I'm positive we will sign players before the end of the summer transfer window and this post is going to be about who we could sign and why we could sign them.

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Emirates Cup 2014 Club Level

Last weekend saw the return of the Emirates Cup and this year I'd decided it would be worthwhile to splash the cash and watch both games from the comfort of Club Level for the first time.

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AfcNews Hiatus Return

It's been a long time since I've written a new article for AfcNews, my last was on the 10th July 2012 so almost a year ago and was focused upon some random guy from Holland ...

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Why I think Robin Van Persie will sign a new contract

Last week Robin Van Persie issued a statement regarding his decision upon why he would not renew his Arsenal contract, this led to a huge amount of speculation from the media about his future and which club he would move to .. but is it really that simple? I don't think so, and here's why ..

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Our worst night in Europe

A very poor performance in Milan saw us concede four goals which is likely to result in an early Champions League exit unless a miracle occurs in the return leg.

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