Arsenal Pessimism

Posted on August 19th, 2013 at 5:29 PM

I see huge amounts of Arsenal pessimism at the moment, Twitter is constantly full of it and I've even had to unfollow someone today because their pessimism turned into raving lunacy.

Here's two examples of Arsenal pessimism that's gone viral in the last week, both raising some very interesting points whilst demonstrating our supporters extreme passion for the club.

Is it justified though?

With the current situation I'd say yes.

It's crazy, just pure crazy, the club have had over 90 days to buy new players and strengthen our squad yet on day 1 of the new season we are vastly unprepared and are struggling to fill the bench with first team players.

We have let 23 players depart so far and signed just 1, why?

It's an embarrasment on many levels and the club are really starting to rile many Arsenal supporters.

For years the fans have put up with paying the highest ticket prices in Europe to watch football as we've understood we had little money due to the massive investment in our new stadium. However we're now at the point where the stadium debts are not as high, there is much more free money yet instead of it being reinvested as we are promised by Gazidis, it's just sitting in the bank and the squad is suffering and taking the blame for the incompetence?

We deserve to have a bigger, stronger squad that can manage with 50 games a season and compete in every single one of those games.

The fans are really reaching that breaking point now, if the very worst happens and we do not manage to beat Fenerbahce over two legs then what was the point in spending the whole of last season fighting for that vital fourth place to bring in extra revenue? We'll have just pissed it away in the first 2 weeks and then without Champions League football it'll be even harder for us to sign anyone and get back into the top four at the end of this season.

If that were to happen then it would be time to question the immediate future of both Gazidis and Wenger because they'd have failed the expectations of their job roles.

Fourth place and Champions League is the bare minimum we should be aiming at and for far too long now we've been happy with that bare minimum.

If things don't improve over the next few weeks and signings aren't made then this will be a very tough season for Arsene, Gazidis and Kroenke. The fans will not be furious if we do not show signs of vital progression and rightly so.

Arsenal is not a cash cow and we do not want the club, the squad and the fans milked dry to fund Kroenke.

What is the ambition of Stan anyway, we all knew he was going to be silent from the start but this is ridiculous.

As loyal supporters we are getting tired, we want actions and answers or you'll start to see the groups such as AST and the Black Scarf Movement take more extreme actions, you're on a swaying tightrope, act quickly!


Written by Dan

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