Arsenal Transfer Rumours 2013/2014

Posted on August 8th, 2013 at 2:47 AM

Like most Gunners I don't know why we haven't signed anyone yet, I also don't know when we will sign someone but I can say with some certainty that I'm positive we will sign players before the end of the summer transfer window and this post is going to be about who we could sign and why we could sign them.

So far in this window we've been linked with many players, of many nationalities, who play in many different positions, some big names including the likes of Suarez, Fabregas, Rooney and Fellaini, to the not so obvious that we'll come to.

There are also the players out there that want transfers and would be a perfect fit for us but we've chosen not to go after them for one reason or another, hopefully we can work out why.


Premier League Transfer Targets


Luis Suarez

Currently it's safe to say that everyone knows our number one target is Liverpool's Luis Suarez, you'd have to live in a cave to not know that Arsenal have now bid twice and both offers, including the cheeky £4,000,001 have been declined.

Just yesterday Suarez took to the press to voice his opinion on the matter, he said that he was promised if Liverpool were not in the Champions League this season then he would be allowed to leave, as they are not in Champions League he has made it clear that this is the reason he wants to leave and at 26 years old he feels now is his time to move to a better, higher achieving club that has the potential to win trophies. However Arsenal are currently technically not in the Champions League and still have a qualifier to play, maybe this is a stumbling point in the negotiations and Suarez contract where the Liverpool board and manager are just trying to hang onto him and get more interest from other clubs?

Either way it's safe to say that Liverpool don't particularly want to lose Suarez to Arsenal and are going to fight as long as possible to either keep him or get as much money as possible for him, the question is will Wenger and the board be able to persuade Liverpool to sell? We certainly have had the opposite happen to us many times where playes have forced their way out so we should know how to do it the other way round.

Morally I've slated Suarez in the past for having no morals, however signing a world class striker from Liverpool would make me happy to be a hypocrite. I'd love to see him play for us, I'd love to see him score for us against Liverpool and I'd certainly get his name on my the back of an Arsenal shirt, it would be brilliant! We've suffered enough in the past few years and had the piss taken so it would be time to give it back a little.

Marouane Fellaini

This is a strange one, it seems inevitable that Fellaini's time at Everton is most probably up, but where will he go?

Throughout the summer he's been linked with a whole host of clubs, one of those being Arsenal because we see him as a perfect Premier League attacking, centre forward, defensive midfielder / versatile player. It's hard to know where he plays best and some even criticise him for poor passing and claim that's why he'd never fit in at Arsenal?

It's a tough one with Fellaini, is he good enough for a top club or would he be an average player alongside world class players?

Although Arsenal wise Fellaini talk is probably now irrelevant, it looks like ex Everton manager David Moyes is trying to take him to Manchester Utd as they've failed in their attempt to lure Fabregas from Barcelona.

Expect this deal to be sorted soon though because he has a rumored buy out clause that is set to expire in the coming weeks, my money is on him to Utd.

Julio Cesar

It's no secret that I was a strong admirer of Cesar's performances at QPR last season, there were games when without him they'd of been thrashed in the first twenty minutes. This is why he was fantasy league keeper for most of the year and scored me a couple of hundred points.

It was always an odd one when he even signed for QPR, he'd been linked with Arsenal at the time but said he chose QPR due to opportunities that would arise when he retired? ... sure it wasn't just the wage involved?!

But anyway he's now clearly on the move as there's no way he'll be playing in the Championship next season, or he sure as hell shouldn't be doing anyway!

I'd welcome a Brazilian to the squad and if he's happy to battle with Szczesny for first place then it could be a very good experience for Szczesny, he may even learn from having a top international keeper alongside him to train with.

Let's be serious, our current goal keeper situation isn't brilliant, we do have Szczesny and Fabianski but I'd class them as decent goalkeepers not world class keepers at this current time. There's also no way we can go a whole season with two keepers? or is it time to call on the reserves?

Cesar is a player I'd love us to sign and depth wise would be a perfect addition to the squad, is it likely to happen? I'm not so sure, you'd think it would be done by now but let's hope.

Wayne Rooney

Well what can we say about Shrek? This man is very unpredictable, having put in multiple transfer requests at Manchester United it's hard to know what he'll do really. One thing to note though is he's been coached by David Moyes before and Moyes did in fact sell him to Manchester United.

With Robin Van Persie now at Utd you could argue that Rooney has now lost his favoured playing position and is fed up and wants a new option, I doubt that he'd move to Manchester City, Tottenham or abroad because he can barely manage English so that leaves Chelsea and Arsenal, Arsenal have the least strikers and Wenger has in the past publicly expressed his fondness of Rooney so this could be a shock move of the window? I think it's more likely he'd be a backup if the Suarez deal were to collapse because I can't see us having Suarez, Rooney and Giroud all at once, although that would be some attacking force!

I wouldn't turn down the chance to have Rooney but I think it'll either be United or Chelsea for him next season.

Ashley Williams

This name has popped up time and time again, the 6 foot defender has been pretty solid for Swansea in recent seasons and it's rumored Swansea would want around £8.5m for him. With Vermaelen and Monreal both currently out he'd be a good replacement with the Premier League experience and could fit in at both centre and right back.

This transfer seems less likely to happen to me, firstly he's already deeply involved in Swansea pre season and has recently stated his intent to try and help Swansea push hard in Europe this season, secondly he's quite old, he'll be 29 in a few weeks...

Juan Mata

There were rumours that Chelsea would have to sell a few players if they wished to spend more money, Juan Mata was one of those named players that could be sold to make funds.

With 11 goals and 18 assists in just the Premier League last season he'd certainly be on many clubs radars if he were for sale but it seems this is not the case now and he's recently insisted that he's happy he's in Mourinho's plans for the coming season, also with David Luiz expected to join Barcelona this transfer seems incredibly unlikely.


Worldwide Transfer Targets


Cesc Fabregas

Okay this is one to get off the cards early, it's not going to happen this year, I'm pretty certain of that. With all the rumours and news out there, with flats in London, girlfriend's, family, etc etc, it's just not going to happen. What sort of attacking midfielder is going to leave the club they love and the place they were born in when they have the chance to play with Messi and Neymar? He'd have to be mad ...

One for a future window though!

Ciprian Marica

Quite a lot of buzz in the media about this name and Arsenal, he's a free agent and it's rumored that Wenger is keen, with only one real striker at the club at the moment it's possible he could be our gamble signing of the season. If you look at his goalscoring record though it's pretty poor but he seems quite a versatile player with lots of experience and if we need a player to replace the likes of Chamakh / Bendtner / Park then he could be an option.

If we signed him on a free before any other player then I wouldn't like to see the reaction of the fans ...

Étienne Capoue

Capoue is a defensive midfielder that currently plays in the French league for Toulouse. He had an excellent last season and statistic wise he's up there with the best.

Last season he achieved an 80% pass completion and 75% success rate in his one vs. ones. He proved his defensive midfielder qualities with a 76% percent successful tackling ratio and is now posed to move to a Premier League club.

Currently it looks like Tottenham are in the driving seat to sign Capoue but he did snub Cardiff after they had a 10 million euro bid accepted so if Wenger likes the look of him then it's time to act! It would certainly end interest in the likes of Fellaini and would be a great addition to that defensive midfield position that so many think is currently vacant at Arsenal.

However with bids already in it's unlikely Arsenal will act fast enough to steal him from the grasp of Spurs and sadly it's likely we'll see him playing alongside Vertonghen next season.

It's never too late though, surprise us Arsenal!


Bernard is a young, short Brazilian winger. He's currently at Atlético Mineiro but has made it clear he wishes to leave. Atlético Mineiro have accepted a £22 million offer from Shakhtar Donetsk but his agent and father has revealed he's far more interested in joining FC Porto.

Current press report that he's been picture in London in the last few days and that Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are interested, from some of the photos he's taken it does look like this trip is more pleasure induced than business but you never know, he might like the capital and choose to explore his options with English clubs.

At 20 years of age he is certainly an unproven talent and £22 million is quite a fee, would Wenger be seriously interested? I highly doubt it unless Everton Gushiken was impressed on his scouting trip to watch him play.

Álvaro Vadillo

Branded as the 'New Ronaldo', Vadillo is a very young 18 year old winger whose currently at Real Betis, as with most Arsenal transfer rumours there is also talk that Tottenham have been keeping tabs and it looks like the two clubs could fight it out, if Bale is to leave then Tottenham are looking at him as a potential replacement.

One thing to note is that when he was out with a cruciate injury he used some of his spare time to learn language, just a wise move for the future or an indication that he wishes to make a move to a certain country at some point? A player for the future whose worth keeping an eye on.

Lars Bender

Undoubtedly a good and experienced player but it looks like he won't be moving anywhere this season as our early £18.5 million bid was rejected by Bayer Leverkusen and they explained that Bender would not be leaving at any price ... although as with any player there would obviously be a price at which he would leave, highly doubt we'd try that option though and maybe Capoue would be a better cheaper target?


Missed Transfer Targets


Gonzalo Higuain

This transfer has a zero percent probability of happening because he's already signed for Napoli and played against Arsenal in the Emirates Cup.

Could be be a dodged bullet? At the time of him being linked with us I was all for signing him, however having watch him make his debut for Napoli he was kind quiet, even though it was a friendly he didn't really do much and seemed uninterested? slightly harsh in a friendly but I'd much rather take a player who'd get stuck in, be energetic and try and get involved ... he also sliced a shot high and wide.

I'm probably being a little harsh on him but I think there's better out there, we'll see how many goals he scores this season though.

Stevan Joveti?

A missed superstar? Joveti? signed for Manchester City in July after he decided they were the club for him having apparently shown the most ambition ... when he says ambition does he actually mean cash?

One to watch next season and it's almost certain he'll score some goals for City.

David Villa

We're linked with Villa in every window but fortunately he's now moved to Atlético Madrid so that speculation has died down. He's been unlucky with injury last season and before his leg break was a seriously good striker, it seems now though that he's passed the age at which Arsenal would've been interested in him and there's no chance we'll ever see him at Arsenal.




So far it's been a very plain transfer window for Arsenal, granted we have indeed signed Sanogo and made an attempt for Suarez but we all want to see big announcments of world class players who'll help us win trophies this season! It's been way too long that we've gone without now and it's so frustrating to which us mess about, why can't we just get these players signed early and have the squad sorted out before half an hour before the window closes?!

I still do have hope though that deals will be done and I think it's just a matter of time, I'll be genuinly shocked if there are no new faces at the club before our opening game, the last time we left our signings too late we suffered a hugely embarasing loss in which we conceded 8, let's not repeat that.

I think we need the following: one keeper, at least one defender, a left sided winger and at least on striker. That means we need to buy at least four players in my opinion, time to get the money out Arsene as we all now know Arsenal have it ...

Maybe that is the problem, now that we've publicly declared there is a huge pot of money to spend, clubs are taking us for idiots and trying to up the price of any player to silly money and we aren't having any of it? Oh well, at least we've sold most of the deadwood, that's a positive at the moment right?

Stay tuned and positive, there will be more Arsenal transfer news to come.

Written by Dan

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