Arsenal vs Liverpool - Premier League - 4th April 2014

Posted on April 5th, 2015 at 1:14 AM

It's been a while since I blogged on a game, it's been a while since I blogged on anything seriously. As I was at todays game it seems like this is a suitable place to resume.

Pre game

I think today was my first ever early kick off, may be wrong there but I can't remember pulling myself out of bed at 9am on a Saturday before. Quite the change really but I had my toast and set off on my travels to the ground. For an Easter bank holiday it wasn't too bad and myself and a friend arrived at the ground with plenty of time to spare. Made our way for a pre match hot dog and beer but ended up with a sausage roll as they had no hot dogs, what's that about? What made it worse was the people in front who ordered and were served hot dogs, okay. Anyway settled for sausage roll as too lazy to walk 20 foot to the other counter. My friend pointed out someone on his Twitter had tweeted about a fire close to the ground, I told him not to worry as that's just where they were heating up the sausage rolls. Seriously though, how do you heat food to that temperature? After waiting 40 minutes for that to cool down we had a look at the team lineups, decent and couldn't have done much better myself on the Arsenal side. Usually in the big games there's some sort of random surprise like Wellbeck starts over Giroud but thankfully today we opted for pretty much the strongest XI from the get go.

The match

Great start to the game, we came out of the traps fast, aggressive and pressing high. Liverpool defenders (Toure) couldn't cope which meant we were winning the ball back quickly and having some good chances. After 10 minutes or so Liverpool got a little into the game and had some decent chances where they could and probably should have taken the lead, Markovic I'm looking at you.

The game got a little scrappy, just as it started to feel as though the game really needed a goal, Bellerin blitzed in from the wing, straight past a few hopeless Liverpool defenders to bend a beautiful shot past Mignolet into the back of the net, the young Spaniard celebrated looking surprised at what he'd just done, none of the other players did though.

At this point Liverpool were a bit of a mess, they'd realized that Toure should've probably retired a few years ago, panicked and gave us a free kick outside the box. Ozil stepped up, let's be honest pretty much everyone in the stadium was awaiting disappointment but Ozil curled a sublime shot past Mignolet who had no chance, probably due to positioning but taken nothing away from Ozil, a brilliant free kick.

At this point Liverpool just wanted to get off the pitch for half time, not just yet, Alexis still had time to beat, who else but Toure and smash the ball past Mignolet with yet another top finish. Now Liverpool could run off and hide for 15 minutes.

The second half was much of the same, Bellerin got a little unlucky with a tackle in the Arsenal box, slightly missed the ball and gave Liverpool a penalty. Ospina did his best and got a hand to it but it just slipped past him into the corner. Can decided he'd had enough, got a little angry with a Gerrard impression and managed to work out a way to join him on the sidelines for the next game, or in simple terms he got a second yellow and got sent off. Game over, just to rub salt into the wounds Giroud decided he wasn't finished and smashed a shot in, once again great finish.

All in all a great performance, we lost a little attacking power when Ramsey came off for Flamini but at 3-0 that's acceptable. Possible we could have brought Walcott on for a little more counter in the latter stages and to try and boost his confidence a little, maybe without the Koscielny injury that may have happened but who knows, who cares, we won and got the points. Liverpool, Champions league, you're having a laugh.

Les grumble

Todays tickets came from the exchange so my seat was in the visitors section (above the away fans in the Clock End), great view but lousy co spectators. Let's take the guys in front for example, arrived in good fashion with bags full of souvenirs from the Armoury, nothing wrong with that. However in instances such as free kicks, they would film the free kick on their phones and then if it went in (Ozil's) they would then turn around and film the big screen replay on their phones, what are you doing? Stop that.


Can we win the league? Probably not, whose going to catch Chelsea if they keep winning? No one, that's why. Can we win the FA Cup? Yes, the other teams are worse than Liverpool and one of the teams is Liverpool so we can beat them all.

Will Sterling stay at Liverpool? who knows, probably or probably not, depends if he leaves. Okay, with this talk from his agent he either wants a rise, or other clubs to come get him, see what happens in the summer. He's by no means a proven player yet though, pretty quiet today.

Written by Dan

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