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Posted on January 28th, 2011 at 3:45 AM

Recently Arsenal fans having been giving our number 23 Andrei Arshavin quite a bit of stick, many criticise his apparent current inability to be decisive whilst trying to beat players, something that throughout the last few seasons was never a worry. If anything it would have been the defender quaking at the thought of having to regain the ball from the skilled Russian yet lately at times this season that tide has turned. This has prompted Andrei to come out and talk about his emotions and why he feels he's having this recent poor run. Should we be supporting our players or critiquing them further throughout personal hard periods of their careers? This article includes his major performance statistics and comments from the player himself, I for one will always support Andrei and I hope you can read this information and take into account that the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. Arshavin Arsenal Goal In a recent interview with The Sun, Arshavin spoke openly about how he feels about his current performances, he admits that his current dip in form is due to a lack of confidence and over thinking how he plays.
"Now when I get the ball, I begin to think, 'Should I try and trick an opponent? Or if I do, will I lose the ball? And what if I make a pass? Won't they think that I am trying to get rid of the ball?' I am afraid of taking the initiative. When such thoughts appear, your final decision, as a rule, turns out to be wrong. And you waste a lot of opportunities."
When you watch the winger play it's clear to see this indecision is present in one on ones against defenders, in the past he could leave them for dead with examples including his 4 goals at Anfield and the cracker at Old Trafford, in both occasions he's beaten some of the worlds best defenders to get shots on goal yet in this current period he's struggled to beat defenders of teams in the lower leagues. When things are going well for you on the pitch it's so much easier to play as your out there enjoying yourself, take Nasri during this season, his performances have shown he's now confident to play and beat any player in the world, he wants more and more of the ball in areas where he has very little room to do anything. His high confidence allows him to get through the small gaps with nippy footwork to score and create many chances as he's not bogged down with over thinking what he's trying to do. This fluidity has vanished with Andreis confidence and it's certainly not easy to regain whilst 60,000 people are verbally expressing their disappointment.
Unfortunately, there is no button in a human body to switch off unnecessary thoughts. I need to train and play. After a few good performances, the courage and automatic decision-making are going to return. I do not have enough acceleration. From the very start of this season I felt I'm fast enough only in separate episodes. The reason? I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old. Naturally, I'd like to be on the pitch in every game - but currently the boys who play in my position, Samir Nasri and Theo Walcott, look very good. They're really in good shape and that's why they're playing. To get back my place in the starting XI, I need to regain my best form. All I can do is work in training. There are no other recipes for building up your form. When you are absolutely all right, you do not even think what to do in one episode or another - it happens automatically."
What I feel Arshavin needs to boost his self belief is a few goals, we've seen it time and time again when attacking players will go on a goal drought yet as soon as they score one, the goals don't stop! Wouldn't it just be a perfect end to the season if we saw him score in some of the major games and help fire us towards a quadruple? He'll get no better chance to get that needed boost than with a goal against Barcelona ..
I'm not worried too much that I am now becoming part of the second-choice group of players. Since the start of the season I do not drink even Coke, let alone alcoholic drinks. The coaches make me do special exercises aimed at getting my starting speed faster. It is just a period I need to come through. I have nothing to reproach myself about. I do not do anything which would distract me from football and interfere with it."
Even though many people are saying Arshavin is in a dip of form we can see from his statistics below that he is still a vital attacking player that any Premier League team would eagerly welcome into their starting 11. Arshavin Arsenal Statistics Here are some statistics showing Andrei Arshavin's performance over the last few seasons including some at previous Russian club FC Zenit St. Petersburg.
Team Season Appearances Goals Assits Scoring Percent Assist Percent
Zenit St. Pet 2006

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