Besiktas Eboue Abuse

Posted on November 21st, 2011 at 5:41 AM

Sadly last night videos emerged showing abuse directed towards ex Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue during a game between Galatasary and Besiktas.

The video starts with Eboue getting up from the floor, as he does so bottles and coins are hurled towards him and he's seen to take cover with two officials whilst shielding his face. He then appeals to the referee for some sort of help but it doesn't look like much is done, other players look in disgust yet the abuse seems solely aimed towards the Ivory Coast defender.

You can view the video here:

It's believed the abuse was not racially based but was instead due to the fact that Besiktas are strong rivals of Galatasary in the Turkish league.

Ilhan Evlat @ilz20 said the following:

Turkish fans arnt racist!! items was thrown at Emmanuel Eboue #Eboue because he plays for Turkish gaints Galatasaray, besiktas cant take it

Either way, this abuse is not warranted in football anywhere in the world.

To see a player scared to be on the pitch is a disgrace and FIFA must look into this. If the abuse is found to be racially spurred then FIFA need to consider severe punishments for Besiktas to end these actions now.

If Stepp Blatter is serious about cleaning up football then all incidents like this should result in fans being banned, matches being played behind closed doors, points being deducted and expulsion from European leagues or tournaments if it continues.

This doesn't come at a good time for FIFA as Sepp Blatter has recently received a lot of flack worldwide from disgusted politicians, managers, players and fans after a shocking claim that racism on the pitch should be ignored and instead players should shake hands at the final whistle and forget about it. If nothing is done about this then it's got to be the final straw for Stepp and his time is now if not already up in world football.

Written by Dan

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