Pink Arsenal Goalkeeper shirt!

Posted on January 21st, 2011 at 4:47 PM

Recently the rare pink Arsenal goalkeeper shirt has made quite a few appearances in games with Fabianksi and Szczesny both wearing it, possibly not out of choice .. "Can't wait for the game tomorrow. I am doing my best to avoid the pink kit :)" -@53Szczesny53 Wojciech Szczesny As many of my tweeters will be aware I'm a big fan of the pink kit for the following reasons:
  1. Could possibly dazzle/distract strikers when they're trying to focus on goal
  2. All the Arsenal players on the pitch (and/or within 100 miles of the pitch) can see the illuminous keeper
  3. All Gunners can become fashion icons whilst showing they are manly enough to wear pink if it becomes available to purchase
  4. Everyone at the Emirates can now look like a steward
  5. We can come up with witty titles for match reports such as 'Perfect in pink'
Sadly however to this point it's not been possible to purchase the kit (trust me I've asked the Online Store enough but only get replies such as "Unfortunately, there are no plans to release the pink goalkeeper kit.", which deeply sadden me) However all hope is not lost just yet as today a certain @TheSquidBoyLike informed me that the shirt is indeed on sale at the Armoury, he'll verify this tomorrow and if all goes well we shall both be modelling the worlds brightest goalkeeper kit by midweek! My face and emotion whilst wearing the pink Arsenal kit would be the same as Fabianski in the photo at the top, it's just that amazing to look like a pink highlighter pen! If not the campaign to bring pink to all fans will continue as I endeavour to continue this task :D Watch this space!!

Written by Dan

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