The worst start to our perfect season

Posted on August 10th, 2015 at 1:29 PM

A new season, a new start and such positivity having won each pre season game, what could possibly go wrong?

The Hammers travelled across London to take us on in the opener of this 15/16 Premier League season. With 5 wins from 5 pre season games and having only conceeded one goal I'm sure most Arsenal fans were going into the game thinking defensively we were quite sound. With the addition of Petr Cech to the squad over the summer it seemed a certainty that even with shots on the goal we'd be able to pull off a good few more clean sheets.

Well, that didn't quite happen...

Instead the team looked shakey, our forwards came into the middle and our wingers didn't do anything special enough to create extra chances. It seemed our play was just a little too narrow, West Ham could bring numbers behind the ball and our passing just wasn't sharp enough to open them up. Let's face it, we've seen it before at home, conceed one goal and then the other team sit behind the ball for the entire game hopeful to break and counter to finish us off.

Both goals did come either side of half time but with a lack of sharpness, fitness of Sanzchez and no other proper strikers to stick up front it just didn't look likely that we'd get back into the game.

The most painful thing for Gunners was the expectation going into this season. There's been much talk of us pushing on for the title this season, to do that we can't really be losing to mid table teams at home.

Sure it's the first game but if you look at last season we started poorly, it was only the second half of the season that we really came to light. If we'd played like we did in the second half of the season throughout the first then who knows what could have happened. Hopefully we won't sucumb to the same fate again this season!

A couple of positives, the Ox looked very exciting at times with some skillful dribbles and a shot against the woodwork, he's a player we really need to perform for us this season. The transfer window is still open... we need a striker, Benzema? We can hope for a few weeks yet.

The negatives, worst possible start for Cech with some poor mistakes, forgiven though and more than likely a nervy one off. Giroud was his average self, haven't really been too impressed with him throughout pre season, been a while since he looked like scoring and when he's your lone striker that's quite worrying.

Onwards and upwards though, let's get those 3 points against Crystal Palace next weekend although it's another London derby and you know it's going to be a very similar sort of test.


Written by Dan

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