Will Arsenal fall apart this season?

Posted on August 17th, 2011 at 6:06 PM

One goal scored in two games, departure of Cesc Fabregas, Nasri looking close to exit and a lack of top class signings so far in this transfer window, could these factors see Arsenal fall apart during the 2011/2012 Barclays Premier League? Our start to the season away at Newcastle wasn't exactly what any Gooner would've hoped for! After last seasons 4-4 draw you'd of thought nothing on that sort of scale could happen again .. well now we know that as long as Barton (scum) is on the field then anything is possible. All chances of us picking up three points were ended when Gervinho went down in the box to receive a straight red card for reacting angrily to the thug Joey Barton (scum) who'd hurled him back to his feet by the throat for apparently diving, isn't it the refs job to judge a decision? Inexplicably for the second time in a row Barton (scum) managed to escape a red card and got away with a booking. After that decision our attack never looked the same and Wenger brought on Frimpong and Djourou to strengthen up the defense and avoid an opening day defeat. Not a great start to the season but apart from that one incident we'd looked more or less in control, however a problem that's been quite consistent for us lately did appear to surface once again. That issue is a lack of creativity when going forward, we seem to push up the pitch, run out of ideas and then pass around the pitch until the balls back with the defense. If you watched last nights game against Udinese then the second half showed many many examples of this, I think we have to ask what's causing this? Last season I wrote about our formation, playing in a 4-2-3-1 we seem to understandably lose support for the attackers and they struggle sometimes to keep the ball, everyone knows we play a fast possession game and when it's right we're sometimes the best team in the world but does the 4-2-3-1 really help us? We've been criticized for conceding too many easy goals at times and the idea behind the two holding midfielders is to try and prevent teams being able to attack us and break them down easier. Now the question is does having two holding midfielders weaken our attack? Would it not be better to play how we did at times last season in a 4-3-3 with just one of the midfielders sitting a little further back? Or has this not happened so far this season due to Ramsey wanting to sit a little further back and us missing the presence of Jack Wilshere? Here's the formation we started with yesterday according to Sky Sports, although I'd say Rosicky and Ramsey were in each others positions? This is how I'd like to see us line up formation wise as we have done more regularly in the past .. Yesterday you'd of see Theo run down the wing and then have no one there for him, with this formation hopefully Ramsey and Rosicky would've also pushed up and been there for him to pass to. As an attacking team that's what I'm used to but maybe Wenger just wanted to play it safe and not concede that away goal? Let me know your thoughts on the formation. Another possibility is that the formation was okay but the players weren't? In my opinion Chamakh was dire, 'The Sun' scored him a 5/10 but I thought that was extremely generous. Every pass he received he had his back to goal and would just pass it on, I can't remember an instance of him doing anything but holding the ball up and he didn't even do that to much affect. We need far more than that from a striker when we're playing with 1 up top but it was either him or the close to departing Bendtner whose also sometimes looked very dull in games. On that front we have to think about do we have enough strikers and quality in the ones that we have? Robin Van Persie doesn't even need questioning because he's one of the best in the world but we need backup for when he's injured or suspended or just to play alongside him to change things now and again. If you list the real strikers at the club then we only have Rvp, Chamakh and Bendtner, Wenger has told Bendtner he will be allowed to leave if he finds a new club, on that basis we have just 2 strikers? Sure the Arsenal website lists Theo Walcott, Ryo Miyachi, Gervinho and Alex Chamblerain as 'strikers' but they're more wingers/attacking midfielders and I think they just don't want the strikers section of the website to look bare .. There's 2 strikers that we should at least try to sign, they're both huge names and wouldn't be cheap but they're proven top class goal scorers, those names are Carlos Tevez and Karim Benzema. Yes you may laugh but why not if you want to win the Premier and Champions league? For too long people have been criticizing the defense when it's been inevitable the attack is where issues are beginning to develop, if Samir Nasri wasn't leaving then I don't think we'd be as desperate to get a striker but he's more or less out now and if it's for the rumored

Written by Dan

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